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Kings and Queens of Elegance Celebrate Motown 60th Anniversary

Dr. Angela Wheeler- Director of the Ann Weaver Foundation and Henry Delton Williams, Fashion Designer to the Stars of Motown, presented an evening of celebration and recognition to bay area community organizers, artists, athletes, writers and musicians in recognition of  Motown's 60th Anniversary.  This monumental event was held at the African American Museum and Library in Oakland, CA on September 20th, 2019.  

City Council President, the Honorable Lynette McElhaney, honored Mr. Neal with a Commendation Certificate for his extensive community service in the bay area over the past 30 years.

2019 Kings and Queens of Elegance 

Top Row ( l-r) McArthur Tours, Cephus X  Johnson- Love Not Blood, Chris Chatman-CEO Kingmakers, Armand Carr- CEO All Tied Up, Elizabeth Tate- Community ActivistNiecey Robinson-CEO Niecey Living Single,  

Dr. Angela Wheeler- CEO the Ann Weaver FoundationJimmy Neal-CEO/Founder Godfather Motorbike Extraordinaire, Karen Freeman-Dr. Herbert Guice Christian Academy, Kyle Dugan-Ann Weaver Foundation,

Curtis Thomas- Krazy Blessed Show

Bottom Row (l-r) Beatrice X Johnson-Love Not Blood, Monica Stewart-Fine Art Artist, Luella Hill-Dudley- Founder Sistas with Ink Foundation, Ronnie K Stewart- Director West Coast Blues Society, Henry Delton Williams- Fashion Designer to Motown, Wanda Johnson Moore- CEO Oscar Grant Foundation, Mike Norris- CEO Mike Norris Baseball Academy, Johnathan Piper II- Kingmakers of Oakland

Dr. Angela Wheeler and Fashion Designer Henry Williams;                                   Jimmy Neal Accepting his Award

Mike Norris, 
CEO Baseball Academy
Jimmy Neal, CEO/Founder GME

Johnathan Piper, III, 

Ms. Veda Curator and

Jimmy Neal, GME

Johnathan Piper, III, Dr. Wheeler, Jimmy Neal, GME

Ronnie K Stewart- Director 

West Coast Blues Society

Henry Delton Williams- 

Fashion Designer to Motown

Jimmy Neal

CEO/Founder GME