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Thanksgiving Turkey Dinner Giveaway at Defermery Park, Oakland, CA

Jimmy Neal, (bottom left) listens to the Legendary 7 promote the new software - "Grail the Game" at the Turkey Giveaway Press Conference 

November 27th 2019

seated from left to right:

 Jimmy Neal, Shooty Babbitt- Oakland A's, Tye Waller-Oakland A's, Ricky Henderson-Oakland A' and Hall of Famer, Supervisor Nate Miley, Dusty Baker-San Francisco Giants and Mike Norris-Oakland A's. (Vida Blue- Oakland A's appeared via video)

Jimmy Neal promoted his third annual Turkey Dinner Giveaway to the Defermery  Community on November 27th 2019.  The rain and cold wind did not keep the hundreds of people from attending this exciting annual event.  Mr. Neal donated hundreds of turkeys to fill each of  his gift bags. Each bag included  mix corn meal, cranberry sauce and vegetables.  Everything needed for a heart warming Thanksgiving celebration.

Prior to the giveway of groceries and turkeys, there was a press conference that kicked-off the new software that Mr. Neal is supporting.  Six major league legendary baseball players that were present, spoke enthusiastically for the success of  the new software: "Grail the Game".  It is aimed at aiding  youngsters who want to learn the game of baseball without compromising their unique style and talent of playing the game.